Reflections 06

Reflections 6 Wall Sculpture

Sculpture: Fabric on Wood. 80” H X 12” W X 4” D. 45º Corner Mounted. (Can also be mounted conventionally on a flat wall.)

This unique, tall, slender, wall mount piece is primarily intended for a 90 degree corner of a room, hung at a 135 degree angle as shown. The opposed bow curve blades create a dramatic play of light reflections as the viewer moves around the piece. The understructure armatures are plywood, with curved hardboard upstanding fins. 4 way stretch metallic blue spandex fabric sensuously conforms to the fins and the slender, vertical overall shape. The piece can be hung conventionally, flat against a wall if preferred. The special brackets for 135 degree corner mounting are then not used, and the piece is hung on a normal hanging wire, which is permanently installed on the piece.

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