Totem 01

Totem 1 Sculpture
Sculpture: Fabric on Wood, Plastic. 9” X 9” Vertical Column X 87” high (12” X 12” Base) This freestanding tower/totem piece is animated by sine waves that lengthen in duration as they rise up the 4 sides. The understructure armatures are plywood with curved acrylic upstanding fins. 4 way stretch iridescent silver spandex fabric sensuously conforms to the fins, creating […]
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Reflections 01

Reflections 1 Wall Sculpture
Sculpture: Fabric on Wood. 72″ H x 14″ W X 3″ D. This wall mount piece is a contemporary abstract shield shape with very crisp latitudinal and longitudinal symmetry. It subtly reminds me of historic heraldry and also of Art Deco ornamentation. The understructure is wood slats with turned hardwood spheres attached. 2 way stretch metallic silver fabric sensuously conforms to the […]
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